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Churchill Steeplejacks UK Ltd

12 April 2006
Churchill sites around the UK will close down for the Easter holiday period from the evening of Thursday 13th April through to the morning of Tuesday 18th April. We would like to take this opportun...

Churchill Steeplejacks complete 11th Year

11 April 2006
Churchill Steeplejacks (UK) Ltd today celebrates the 12th anniversary of their incorporation. A copy of the companys certificate of incorporation can be viewed adjacent to this article
Churchill Steeplejacks complete 11th Year

Chimney Demolition

10 April 2006
The demolition of the 45m tall brick chimney at Polimeri Europa Southampton is nearing completion. The completion of the contract continues on programme with the completion date of week ending 21.04....

Working at height rescue and recovery systems

07 April 2006
Churchill Steeplejacks UK Ltd are totally committed to the improvement and development of the steeplejack sector. As a result of this approach we are regularly consulted by fellow A.T.L.A.S federated...

Chimney Flues

06 April 2006
Below are images of the 120t Demag mobile crane employed by Churchills to extract 2no 130 ft tall steel liners out of the concrete chimney to be dismantled at Coopers Road London. The 2no flues wer...
Chimney Flues

Earthing Project QE Hospital Birmingham

05 April 2006
Churchills Lightning Conductor contract manager Mr Gary Smith today received the following comments from the project consultants Couch Perry & Wilkes Dear Gary We refer to your draft O&M manual...

Mobile Crane for Coopers Road London Confirmed

04 April 2006
A 120t Demag mobile crane will be bought to site at Coopers Road London Wednesday 5 April to carry out the removal of the internal steel flues currently housed within the 45m tall concrete chimney. ...

Churchill Society Day

03 April 2006
Churchill Golf society day 2006 will be held at Rufford Park Country Club nr Ollerton Nottinghamshire. This will be a new venue for Churchills that will be the seventh year of Churchills golf socie...

New Steel Chimney

31 March 2006
Churchills have been awarded the order by Aggregate Industries to supply a new plain steel chimney manufactured to BS4076 1989 for a new plant being constructed at Buxton in Derbyshire. The steel c...

Steeplejacks Required

30 March 2006
Churchills Steeplejacks UK Ltd are currently seeking CSCS card holding steeplejacks to join the 24 strong full time steeplejacks currently employed at Churchills based at our Nottingham headquarters....

Chimney Prepared for Demolition

29 March 2006
The 50m tall concrete chimney at Coopers Road London is currently being rigged by Churchills in preparation for the lifting out of the 2no internal steel flue liners. Upon completion of the removal...
Chimney Prepared for Demolition

Steeplejack Modular Frames

28 March 2006
Following the successful testing of the steeplejack scaffold modular frames manufactured from aluminium Churchills have placed an order for the supply of 130 new aluminum modular frames. The fram...

Concrete Chimney Demolition Awarded

27 March 2006
The demolition and removal from site of a 50m reinforced concrete chimney from the Arjo Wiggins site at Dartford Kent has been awarded to Churchills. Churchills will also undertake the role of plan...
Concrete Chimney Demolition Awarded

Rafferty Steeplejacks Assist Churchill Steeplejacks at Ford Dagenham Case Study

26 March 2006
Churchills were employed by Ford Motor Co to investigate further the discovery of sheared flange bolts discovered within the base of the 78m tall x 4.62m diameter steel multi flue chimney serving Ford...
Rafferty Steeplejacks Assist Churchill Steeplejacks at Ford Dagenham Case Study

Brick Chimney Demoltiton nears completion

24 March 2006
The demolition of the disused brick chimney at St Michaels Hospital Aylsham is nearing completion. The demolition will be completed early next week and the site cleared by the end of the week as pe...

Lightning Conductor Earthing contract

23 March 2006
Churchill Lightning Protection are nearing completion of the 2nd phase of the earthing contract at the QE Hospital Birmingham. The directors of Churchills would like to thank the site operatives an...

Steeplejacks Revised Approach to IT Solutions

22 March 2006
Churchill Steeplejacks Uk Ltd have taken the decision to out source the day to day managing and maintenance of the companies IT services. Churchills have contracted AirIt of Nottingham with the tas...

Chimney Demolition at 500 Year Old Glass Works

21 March 2006
Churchill Steeplejacks are pleased to have been awarded the controlled demolition of a brick chimney at a glass works in Tutbury near Burton on Trent. Churchills will be employed directly by Friel ...
Chimney Demolition at 500 Year Old Glass Works

Steeplejacks in Northern Ireland

20 March 2006
Churchills Steeplejacks (UK) Ltd has dispatched a three man inspection team to Coolkeragh Power Station in Northern Ireland to carry out a laddered examination on the sites auxiliary steam boiler chim...

Chimney Demolition Rig now available on dvd format

17 March 2006
Churchill Steeplejacks (UK) Ltd have published on DVD a movie depicting how Churchills chimney demolition rig is assembled and used in the demolition of concrete and brick chimneys. The DVD will fo...

Churchills to actively seek work on the european mainland

16 March 2006
As part of Churchill Steeplejacks sales strategy for 2006 the sales team have been instructed to actively seek contracts throughout Europe. Churchills have previously only tendered for and been awa...

Chimney contract at Open Univerity awarded

15 March 2006
Churchill Steeplejacks (UK) Ltd are pleased to be awarded the refurbishment of the concrete boiler house chimney at the Open University main campus Milton Keynes. The contract will commence 20th Ma...

Chimneys at Leicester Schools Completed

14 March 2006
Churchills have completed the annual contract that sees the structural inspection of upwards of 26 school chimneys throughout the county of Leicestershire. This year was the sixth consecutive year ...

Chimney Demolition Rig in Place

13 March 2006
Churchills demolition rig has been installed at Polimeri Europa and the 30m long run of brick flue demolished. The attached photographs depict the demolished brick flue and the main frame of the sc...
Chimney Demolition Rig in Place

Steeplejacks Training Day

10 March 2006
Steepleplejacks will finish at midday today for various half day training courses being held at our premises and local suppliers. Steeplejacks will return over the weekend to on going contracts and...

Chimney Scaffold at St Michaels Hospital Aylsham

09 March 2006
Churchills yesterday using a 35t mobile crane successfully removed the 2no internal steel flues within the 20m brick chimney at St Michaels Hospital. The flues were removed during a three hour peri...
Chimney Scaffold at St Michaels Hospital Aylsham


08 March 2006
The profession of steeplejack is reserved for a general craftsman who is prepared to scale tall buildings and in particular church steeples with the object of carrying out general repairs. Although th...

Brick Chimney at St Michaels Hospital to be Demolished

07 March 2006
The demolition of the 20m tall brick chimney at St Michaels Hospital at Aylsham has been fully scaffolded and is now ready for demolition. Unusually Churchills took the decision to fully scaffold t...

Chimney Scaffolded the traditional way

06 March 2006
The attached photograph depicts the scaffold recently erected at Albion Mills in Bradford. This traditional type of steeplejack scaffold based on V Stays is not often employed on brick structures, ...
Chimney Scaffolded the traditional way

Steeplejack Demolition Scaffold Rig In Place

03 March 2006
Churchills rigging team have installed the Churchill chimney demolition rig at the summit of the brick chimney to be dismantled at Polimeri Europa Hythe Southampton. Demolition of the chimney will com...

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